It's Always There When I Wake Up

Hey guys! Remember Me?

The Connecticut Sun are not used to losing, much less having a losing season and last year we did exactly that. At the end of the season everyone was saying their goodbyes and it had a different feel. We knew a lot of us wouldn't be returning next year... 

Being a part of the WNBPA executive committee made it a long off season for me. This was my first negotiation for the CBA agreement and it was a dousy. We had Conference calls daily and for hours at a time. It was a pretty cool experience and I look forward to being more helpful and knowledgeable next time around. The reason I am bringing up the CBA agreement is because no trades nor signings could happen until the agreement was complete, and as mentioned earlier there was a lot of anticipation for what was going to happen with my team. 

First I see K. Law go, and although I was not surprised, It was still tough. Next, I saw Mimsy was going to Phoenix. Now, Mimsy and I hung out all day everyday so this one really hurt me. Again, I was not surprised. All was quiet on the eastern front for awhile but then came draft day. Now, I may sound like a broken record but I'm not shocked Tt wanted to leave either. There were a lot of things that the team was accustomed to and last season we had a lot of changes. Those changes along with a losing season left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouth. I, however, was in a strange position. I got hurt the 2nd game of the season so I had a front row seat to hmmm... "The show" 

I call it "The Show" because every time I turned around there was something different going on or someone different getting hurt. We literally were the bad news bears. A lot of people don't know this but I was out two months, and started playing in the games with only 3 court workouts under my belt. I went from not being able to jog/run to 3 days later play full speed with contact. I went from watching the show to being a part of it and it was not the best situation. The team was looking for a miracle and because Tan and I had been out most of the season we were expected to be that miracle. The team was able to put together a string of wins at the end of the season but it was too little, too late and the damage had been done. 

At the end during interviews Coach D expressed that she wanted players next year that wanted to be there and play for her and that's understandable. I knew the team would be different but never knew this different. We signed Katie Douglas and that was huge because we needed a shooter. I was also happy because I like Katie and her passion to win. We also resigned Kels, Alley Cat, and K Bear. Everyone knows I love me some K Bear so this was great news. Now that I'm back healthy, which by the way it is an awkward feeling when you're hurt because you kind of feel like people forgot about you and how you are capable of playing. I'm very excited for this summer to come around because not only did I miss one of the big perks of playing in the WNBA which is playing in front of friends and family but I also feel like I have a little something to prove. 

Now on to draft day. There was a lot of talk about how NY were the winners of the night and rightfully so because any team that gets an Olympian, MVP, All-Star has had a great night. I have played with TT the last 8 out of 10 years so she's basically family at this point. I'm so sad to her go. However, I do think that Coach D as well as the Connecticut Sun Management did a great job of getting pieces that could form a very threatening team. It's too early to tell but I'm very excited and after all, there hasn't been a day go by in my life when the sun didn't rise so I wouldn't count us out.